Схема caterpillar g3512

Cat® gas generator sets can simultaneously provide electricity for electrical loads and heat energy for a facility’s thermal requirements. The total energy cost savings of such systems can more than offset the total owning and operating costs, delivering a payback in as little as two to three years, depending on local energy pricing and policies. For more information, visit or email. Рассчитать ▶ Спецпредложение ГПГУ, ДГУ, дизельные и газопоршневые электростанции в наличии на складах ROLT power systems в Москве и Европе.

Именно поэтому сроки окупаемости таких проектов редко превышает 1,5-2 года. Although diesel fueled emergency power systems will always be the solution of choice for life safety emergency standby systems, there has been an increasing move toward natural gas fueled standby power systems in recent years. How Distributed Generation and Standby Power Work When power is produced locally without heat recovery from the engine, Caterpillar provides radiators to provide proper cooling to the engine jacket water, engine oil and aftercooler water circuits. Новинке присвоен индекс 994H. Мы на Facebook 123. Name* Company* E-mail* Phone Number* What can we help you with?* Equipment Make & Model Equipment Serial No. Preferred Service Date.
The G3512 will be available April 15, 2016. Ideal for emergency, legally required or optional standby systems, the G3512 is appropriate for office buildings, data centers, retail complexes, schools, government buildings, universities and research facilities. Rated for standby power at 750 kW or 1000 kW at 60 Hz, the generator set is suitable for the emergency standby market in North America. The engine drives a Cat gas generator set to produce electricity, while jacket water and/or exhaust cooling circuits are fed through heat exchangers (radiators in the case where CHP is not employed) to transfer the waste heat from the engine to a customer’s hot water or steam circuit. Cat paralleling switchgear is employed to allow generators to operate with one another or in conjunction with a local utility power source.

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